SDA Talk&Talk

SDA 2021 Talk & Talk
  • Grand Prize [Missing Child]
    “I wish this drama could spare some grief of the people who has lost their family.”
    Yongwon Cho (Director)
  • TV Movie Golden Bird Prize [Frederica Montseny, the woman who speaks]
    “It’s very moving for us to see this story is universal and can move people in the other side of the world.”
    Mireia Linas Ventura (Screenwriter)
  • Best Screenwriter Prize [It's a Sin]
    “Thank you to the cast who make a story that is very dark and very serious and they brought life to it and spontaneity and absolute dedication to the cause.”
    Russell T Davies (Screenwriter)
  • Best Actor Prize [Missing Child]
    “I know there are people who have the same anxiousness that I used to have. I think for our job, we ought to have faith and balance.”
    Hyukkwon Park (Actor)
  • Best Actress Prize [The Great]
    “It’s been such a gift having the opportunity to take on such a complex world with Catherine’s sense of conviction, wit and courage.”
    Elle Fanning (Actress)
  • Asian Star Prize [Lost Romance]
    “As actors we dedicate ourselves to different roles, experiencing their highs and lows again and again. We pour our souls into portraying these characters, in hopes of reaching and empowering the audience.”
    Marcus Chang (Actor)